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Ultrasound and Gynaecology

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Invest in yourself. You’re worth it

Gynaecological problems such as abnormal bleeding or recurrent pain, are good reasons to have an ultrasound, especially if you’re trying to fall pregnant or you’re at the other end of the spectrum and going through the menopause.

Why suffer unnecessarily when you could have a problem that’s easily fixed once it’s been diagnosed?

Why put yourself through the stress of not knowing? Do you have abnormal bleeding or pelvic pain?

Among other things, an ultrasound can:

  • assess the size of your uterus
  • check for fibroids or polyps which may cause bleeding
  • examine your ovaries in detail to check for any signs of endometriosis
  • check your ovaries to rule out cancer

Our trained operators are respectful, and highly skilled at noting abnormalities through recognising patterns and shapes. For example, the blood flow pattern and contents of a cyst can usually give medical clues as to the underlying problem such as endometriosis, polycystic ovaries or ovarian cancer.

Whatever stage of your life, it’s important to take care of yourself first. You can’t help anyone else if your health and wellbeing is compromised.

Are you ready to take care of you?

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